The aim of our work together will never ever be to change YOU.

The aim will always be developing a vision for a LIFE THAT SUITS THE REAL YOU.

For this you may need to figure out who this real you is. Because sometimes we forget about it. Or we are even ashamed of it. Or we hide it so well to protect it, that we feel as if we cannot find it again. But it is there and you can (re-) discover it.

You may need to un-learn old beliefs about you and “life” in general. You may need to develop new ways of acting. You may need to hone your strength and probably you need to find out more about aour weaknesses. 

What exactly YOU need and what want to change in wich way is something we can figure out together. I’ll be more than happy to be at your side while you are on this journey.

And these are the possibilities how we can work together:


All offers are possible in English and/ or German.

You want to know more or have questions?
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Claudia Scheidemann