The 10 minute day

The 10 minute day

It’s one of those days: I am feeling jittery and have problems to concentrate. It’s like a little nervous mouse is running around somewhere inside of me.

This mouse can be very persistent and I dread the perspective of having her around for the day.

But this time I decided to not chase her away by using any of the various calming techniques that I know.

Instead I went for a “10 minute day” today.

It works like this: I set the timer on my phone to 10 minutes and then do things for just ten minutes and drop everything as soon as the time is used up.
So far I did get rid of several too small items of clothing, written down tasks for my “task board”, did some laundry, had a break, paid some bills online, wrote another mini-task list for the next couple of time chunks, been through my emails and deleted spam and outdated stuff (definitely not done! ) and now I’m here (but just for 10 minutes…).

After some hours of working like this it turns out: This is actually fun.
And the mouse likes it, too.

So now there is an alternative for those days when I just know that deep breathing and trying to relax will simply not work. It’s another tool for my tool box and it spares me the frustration of “failing at relaxing”.

If you think that you can’t get anything useful done in 10 minutes, just give it a try. Maybe it works for you, maybe it doesn’t. You only know if you try it out the next you have this little mouse running around.


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